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The big brands are doing it, and you should too.

Why?  Okay, bullet points…

  • You capture an email address or social profile, (Facebook, Twitter), for every person that uses your WiFi – that you already pay for.
  • You build an ever growing list of customers to which you can send promotions, special offers, and details of events.
  • Guest WiFi is really CHEAP, so the return on investment is HUGE.
  • You’re giving something to your customers, for free.  People love free.
  • Your branding is front-and-centre on your customer’s mobile phone.
  • Your WiFi remembers your customers, and welcomes them back!

“That sounds excellent, how do I get it?”, I hear you say.  The answer is, from us – especially if you want it to be GDPR compliant.  That’s right, not all Guest WiFi solutions are made equal.

Here’s the deal:

  • FREE Guest WiFi router
  • FREE 30 day risk free trial
  • NO contracts
  • 5 minute set-up

Sound good?  It gets better…

Our Guest WiFi solution:

  • Easy to use Dashboard showing real-time connections and useful statistics.  Watch your customer-base grow!
  • Built-in drag-and-drop email designer, with smart sending filters, (e.g. send special offers to customers that have not returned for a month, or special offers for customers that visit frequently, or make your own filters – in seconds!).
  • Automated event-driven emails to increase loyalty, (e.g. send a Happy Birthday message with a special offer a week before customers’ birthdays).
  • Integrate automatically with an existing customer database in MailChimp, and many others.
  • GDPR Compliance, (I know I already said that, but it’s important).

Never before has building an engaged customer-base been so easy.  Guest WiFi removes all the usual barriers of customer acquisition.

You may ask why a web designer in Chorley is talking about Guest WiFi.  Well, we don’t just do web design, we offer a whole suite of products and services, and are constantly looking for ways to help you do better in business, (check out our articles on Trello and our recent website hosting upgrade, also take a look at our website SSL article).

If you would like to try our Guest WiFi solution absolutely FREE for 30 days with no obligation, give us a call on 01257 444222, or contact us by clicking here.

If you’re local to Buckshaw Village or Chorley, we can also provide a demonstration either at your place of work, or at our web design offices in Buckshaw Village.

Thanks for reading!


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