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We use Trello to help us organise website design projects, track sales leads, and even organise our day-to-day personal tasks – and it could help you too!

We’re telling you this, because whereas there are hundreds of task and project tools out there, we have found that this one is actually useful… it works for real life… stuff!

I’m sure many of you have explored lots of different task apps and tools, hoping to get yourselves organised, and basically do better in business – and life in general!  We did the same, and what we found is whereas most of them allow you to record and organise anything you could think of, if the information is not visible all at once then it becomes useless because you have to dig to get to it.

The old adage springs to mind, “out of sight, out of mind”.  You forget what you have in there, so those tasks get left incomplete, simple as that.

If you know your process-management lingo, you’ll have heard of Kanban boards.  Trello brings that methodology in to an easy, fun and attractive online application, that is also FREE!  Trello is used in a browser, and there are mobile apps for iOS and Android – again free.

*I should note that there are upgrades to be had at a small cost, however even though we use Trello extensively, we have never needed to upgrade.

The basics are, there are “Boards“, “Lists“, and “Cards“.  They can represent anything you wish.



For this example I will cover two of the boards we use on a day-to-day basis.  Our “Tasks” and “Prospect Pipeline” boards.

Firstly our “Tasks” board has a “List” for each company for whom we are designing a website.  The “Cards” in that list are tasks to be completed.  Each card can be just a quick note, or have more content such as images and more detailed descriptions.  We have other lists that we use for other general tasks, named “DO NOW”, “DO SOON” and “AT SOME POINT”, (you get the gist).

Once a task is complete, you can just archive it – or as we do, drag the card to another list titled, e.g. “DONE”.  That way, we don’t forget what we’ve already completed!

Our Prospect Pipeline works slightly differently.  We have lists named, “ENQUIRY”, “QUOTE SENT”, “DEPOSIT INVOICE SENT”, “DEPOSIT PAID”, “IN PROGRESS”, “COMPLETE & PAID”, and “NOT GONE AHEAD”.  We are very pleased to tell you that our “NOT GONE AHEAD” only has one “Card”!   🙂

Using this configuration, each card represents a company or person that has asked us about designing a website for their business or personal website project.  As the sales process progresses and work begins, we drag that card to the corresponding list.  We find it really quite motivating, and a bit like a game.  We have to get all the cards from the left of the screen in “ENQUIRY” to the right in “COMPLETE & PAID”.

The best way to see how easy it is to use is to take a look at the Trello website, then sign up and have a go.  You’ll be up and running in no time, and ten minutes later wonder how you ever managed without it!

You’ll be in great company too, just some of the well known names that use Trello are Google, Adobe, the UK Government, Kickstarter, British Red Cross, National Geographic, and of course most importantly, NRD, the friendly little web design company in Buckshaw Village…  🙂

As always, thanks for reading, and we hope you have found this article useful.

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