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Social just got more local, and Chorley businesses can benefit!  Social Media is simply another way of advertising, but delivered in a way that happens to be social, or friendly.

The approach however, is very different to ‘normal’ advertising.

The usual method in advertising is to create some media (newspaper advert, flyer, etc.) that contains a compelling offer for a product or service. The advert is tempting and attractive in a way that drives customers to buy your product. Great, makes sense…

Social Media is a completely different animal.

The following is the simple key to the whole thing, read it twice, then read it again…

You must share interesting content across your social media networks to attract and hold the attention of your audience, so that you can occasionally make business offers.

That goes for any social network, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SMS, and all the rest – your approach should always be the same.

Social marketing is a process of earning attention, then familiarity, and finally trust.

You are first creating an active community that wants to be connected with your business. Then your ‘adverts’ become ‘friendly suggestions’ aimed at people that already have an interest in what you’re doing.

When you do that, you respect the fact that nobody wants to be pressured to buy. Instead, you’ve developed a community that wants to be connected with your business – a tribe of fans that share common interests.

Many of your customers are your customers simply because they feel a connection to your business, and their desire to be involved extends beyond the quality of your products and services.

Make it personal

In markets where quality is so high, and products are often sourced from the same suppliers and re-branded, consumers cannot easily discern significant differences. So how do you make them choose to buy from you? Make it personal.

Marketing people have long known that the best advertising is ‘word-of-mouth’, friends recommending products or services to their friends. Their friends trust them, because they are friends! Go up and read that section again… get it?

Focus on personalising the way you communicate with your audience, engage your community and earn their trust. With that comes loyalty – and a sustainable business.

Most companies still in business have been effective with traditional marketing. However, the “look at me” and “buy me now” approach is much less effective in our present environment where the voices of socially engaged consumers are readily being heard.

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