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As website designers, we develop our websites to be optimised for speed, mobile responsiveness, ease of use, and of course security.  However, whereas your website security starts at the design phase, it is vital to host your website on a properly configured secure hosting environment – especially when the website is designed in WordPress or another content management system, (CMS).

Security breaches and risk of malware are an ongoing threat to websites that needs to be constantly monitored and acted upon. Our secure UK hosting keeps you safe against harmful web attacks. We use technology that works for you in the background to help you save time, money, and your reputation – and we don’t think that you should be charged for these services.

There are so many web design companies out there that will place your WordPress website on a normal Linux hosting environment, not one specifically optimised for WordPress websites.  Most companies will resell hosting provided by the names you recognise, (123-Reg, GoDaddy, Heart Internet, Fasthosts, and 1and1… the list goes on).  The thing is, whereas these hosting environments will in the most party work perfectly well, you are often missing out on the extra speed, security, and other elements that you would get with a hosting environment specifically designed for WordPress websites.  Some of which can be necessary, and even vital for your ongoing website stability, and of course your peace of mind.

I will cover the basics of the security aspects of our hosting environment here, but for more details on our hosting speed, (up to 48 times faster than Heart Internet, Fasthosts, 123 Reg, and 1and1), please check our recent website design and hosting article.

Here’s our security features quick-list:

Automatic malware scanning

We scan all websites on our WordPress hosting platform every day for common malware, and we provide reports on the results of these scans in your control panel. This is similar to services provided by some other website hosting companies – for which they charge a premium.

Wildcard SSL encryption

SSL-TLS certificates, (padlock and green ‘Secure’ in browser window), are now necessary for any website due to the UK GDPR regulations, and recent changes by Google. Our SSL Certificates are business class ‘wildcard’ certificates, so you can secure sub-domains as well as your primary domain using one certificate.

PCI compliant UK hosting

If your business takes card payments via your website, (online shops etc.), your hosting needs to be PCI compliant. We are fully compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

Anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-malware Email scanning

We use three layers of inbound email spam and virus scanning, (Network-level, Virus Scanning, and Content-based).

Two-factor authentication

Unfortunately many security measures are rendered ineffective if your password is compromised. We offer the option to use two-factor authentication, which is an extra layer of security using a single-use code to identify you as the account holder.

Web application firewall

Our Web Application Firewall, (WAF), helps protect your website by blocking suspicious activity as soon as the request is made to our servers, before it even gets close to your website.

Brute force login protection

Our systems actively monitor for repeated login attempts to website admin areas, and block them. This also stops our hosting platform being slowed-down by these attempts.

FTP security lock

All our FTP accounts are automatically locked by default to prevent any of your website files being altered. You may unlock accounts for a set period of time, after which the account will auto-lock again.

Geo-based IP blocking

We automatically, (and allow you to), block malicious I.P. addresses, entire networks, or even whole countries.


In addition to all our technology-based security features, we also frequently manually check our customer’s websites, because there is no substitute for the human eye!  And remember, all of this comes as standard with our hosting services!

We hope that this short article has given you some understanding of what it takes to host websites properly, and will aid you in your future decisions around your online presence. If you would like to talk to us about any aspect of website hosting, or website design, please give us a call on 01257 444222, or use our contact form.

Also take a look at what our existing customers say about us on our testimonials page.

Thanks for reading.  🙂


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